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The Trial of the Chicago 7 IMDb: 7.9
The Trial of the Chicago 7

The story of 7 people on trial stemming from various charges surrounding the uprising at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Illinois. ...

7.9 Average
Don’t Look Back IMDb: 3.8
Don’t Look Back

When a young woman overcoming her traumatic past is among several witnesses who see a man fatally assaulted and don't intervene, they find themselves targeted by someone, or something, out ......

3.8 Average
Fukushima 50 IMDb: 6.2
Fukushima 50

Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi facility in Japan risk their lives and stay at the nuclear power plant to prevent total destruction after the region is devastated by an earthquake ......

6.2 Average
A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting IMDb: 5.4
A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting

A babysitter embarks on a mission to save a child who's been abducted by monsters. ...

5.4 Average
The Mortuary Collection IMDb: 6.7
The Mortuary Collection

An eccentric mortician recounts several macabre and phantasmagorical tales that he's encountered in his distinguished career. ...

6.7 Average
Exit Plan IMDb: 5.1
Exit Plan

We follow Max, who in the midst of an existential crisis and looking to solve a cold case checks into the clandestine Hotel Aurora. A unique secretive facility that specializes ......

5.1 Average
Luz IMDb: 5.5

Luz, a young cabdriver, drags herself into the brightly lit entrance of a run-down police station. A demonic entity follows her, determined to finally be close to the woman it ......

5.5 Average
Rooting for Roona IMDb: 7.3
Rooting for Roona

A little girl named Roona Begum is born in the North East of India with an unprecedented head size caused by a birth defect. This is the story of one ......

7.3 Average
Bullets of Justice IMDb: 4.7
Bullets of Justice

During the Third World War, the American government initiates a secret project code named "Army Bacon" in order to create super soldier by inbreeding human being with pigs. 25 years ......

4.7 Average
Ill: Final Contagium IMDb: 3.8
Ill: Final Contagium

Follow a mad Chilean scientist's deadly virus escape the lab on contaminated currency worldwide: a thief steals contaminated notes in Italy; a Kosovo patient is infected in extreme surgeries; a ......

3.8 Average
BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky IMDb: 7.6
BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky

Sinopsis BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky (2020) cinema barat drakorea yang sangat seru ini menceritakan di balik layar proses perjalanan karir BLACKPINK dari trainee hingga menjadi artis besar. film yang ......

7.6 Average
Criminal Audition IMDb: 4.7
Criminal Audition

An ex-lawyer and his team run an underworld service, providing fake criminals to take on other people's crimes. But a new dangerous client turns their world upside down as they ......

4.7 Average
Body and Bones IMDb: 4.4
Body and Bones

Withdrawn from her life, the one thing that comforts Tess is listening to the music of Danny Sharpe. When she wakes one day to find him in her kitchen, it ......

4.4 Average
Scary Bride IMDb: 4.0
Scary Bride

A young American takes a trip to Russia in search of a bride, but when he meets the girl of his dreams he must survive to get back home. ...

4 Average
Creature from Cannibal Creek IMDb: 2.4
Creature from Cannibal Creek

Nature spawns a creature driven by vengeance to destroy a group of cold-blooded cannibals. ...

2.4 Average